6 Driving Tips To Safely Get Through Torrential Rain

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6 Driving Tips To Safely Get Through Torrential Rain

Enjoying the rain in your backyard or the park doesn’t bother you as much as when you’re perched up on the driving seat and clueless about pulling your automobile through the soaked roads. It is then that the throes of driving in heavy rain are felt the most.

Rain may cause as many splashes as it wants but driving when it’s pouring heavily is no splashing matter. The experts at Mercedes of Fort Walton Beach, an authorized Mercedes dealership in Gulf Breeze, FL, will tell you six ways you can efficiently pull through it.

1. Use Your Headlights

Headlights help us see the road when it’s dark, but during rains, you will need to use them to see through the water. Water on the windshield will obscure your vision and make it difficult to see the road, the level of water, and other vehicles ahead. So make sure you’re keeping those low beams on as you drive in the rain.

2. Maintain A Safe Following Distance

In other words, tailgating is a significant hazard leading to potential accidents. When you drive too close to the automobile ahead and fail to maintain a safe distance, your car will bump into the back if it suddenly slows down or stops.

3. Drive Slower Than The Posted Speed Limit

Heavy rain is not the time to care about the speed limit. Safety comes first, and it’s a part of this exercise that you drive as slowly as possible. A slow speed saves you from the risk of hydroplaning and keeps you in charge of braking.

4. Keep Your Windshield And Windows Clean

A drop in the temperature and increased humidity can cause your windows to fog up. Double this impact on untidy windshields and windows, and you get massive trouble in visibility. Try keeping your windows clean at all times.

5. Don’t Use Cruise Control

While driving in heavy rain on a highway, you may be tempted to shift to cruise control. However, if you can resist the urge, you will learn it can be a life-saving decision. Cruise control can be risky in the rain because it doesn’t allow you to slow down quickly enough when needed.

6. Be Extra Careful On Bridges And Overpasses

Officials made bridges to make our lives easy, but this intention gets reversed during a heavy downpour. On a surface with slopes such as bridges, you risk aquaplaning. A smart way would be to choose an alternative route even if it takes longer.

End Note:

If tragedy strikes and a storm catches you, remember to stay calm and follow these tips to reach your destination safely. Once arrive, check your Mercedes for any damages or bring it to a trusted dealership for detailed inspection.

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